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We're on a mission to make sure your digital world remains in your hands

Our mission is to build trust through impeccable customer service and provide a foundation of proven methods to keep your digital world secure.

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Words from the founder

I've seen it, I've been through it, I get it.

My reason for beginning this endeavor is for two reasons motivated by my own personal experience. I’ve worked in the telecomm industry for almost 5 years now and time and time again I see and hear the same two things.

The first is “there’s nowhere to learn this stuff!” I consistently get told by people who get a new phone that they have nowhere to go to learn how to use their new device. So, I decided to make a website for you all to learn. I created a mobile wiki so you all have a place to learn about all of the settings and apps in your phones. And with your help and feedback I’ll be able to mold this into the vision I have for it to make it easily accessible, easy to use and easy to understand for everyone. Keep in mind that for now I am just one person so I will add more phones and update articles as quickly as I can and as needed based on everyones feedback and suggestions so please feel free to send me an email with any suggestions or concerns. Help me help you!

The second is the devastation in peoples eyes when someone asks me to help them get back what was lost when their devices were stolen, hacked, disabled or broken. The unfortunate answer that I’m tired of giving them is I can’t. I’m tired of telling parents that I can’t get the photos of their child that they’ve been accumulating since they were born, I’m tired of seeing people distraught over accounts being drained when it’s already hard enough to get by in this world, I’m tired of seeing peoples social media accounts being hacked into for the sole purpose of scammers who intend to exploit friends and family members. And I’ve been through it myself. Luckily I had the know how to prevent myself from taking any sort of loss but that is sadly not the case across the board. I’ve had my phone disabled because someone tried to get in my phone to many times. I’ve been on vacation in a foreign country and been robbed of my cell phone in a tourist trap. I’ve seen my dads unemployment card drained when it was already hard enough to find work. We no longer live in a world where the imminent threat is criminals breaking into your home to take your belongings. Any bad actor who’s just a little bit tech savvy will do it unannounced and covertly and they’ll blind side you before you know what’s happening. So, in the mobile wiki you will see commentary while you are learning about your phone to help you keep yourself as safe as possible. You will also see common issues that everyone has with their phones, tips on how to keep yourself safe and secure, and I will be offering in person and virtual appointments to help you in the very near future. I will put in the work so you don’t have to. We are the watchdogs that protect you in the digital realm.

Matt Fairbanks